Chivalry and scouting morals II

There are few people who would disagree with the statement that moral relativism is rampant these days. “The standards are not fixed”.

For most people this is not so much of a problem. To the Catholic however it is a major point of concern. If you want to really “twist the knife” in a Catholic moral relativist, one just has to bring up the teaching of the Church on the matter. It can be quite amazing seeing them wriggle and squirm and justify to themselves how the rules don’t apply to them. There’s just no sense of penalty at flaunting the teachings any more.

Looking at Scouting for Boys, Lord Baden Powell proposes a fixed moral system, penalties and all, not necessarily based on Christianity, rather on a system of honour. Chivalry.

One can scout about on the net and find plenty of feminist and their opposing “maleist” websites. But the “maleism” tend to sound more like a documentary on Gorillas than human society. I think Lord Baden Powell had something important to say; true manhood is expressed through chivalry.

To be a man is to be chivalrous. It means honouring and respecting womanhood. Which gives rise to chastity (inside and outside of marriage) and respect (one for the other and vice versa). It means being just. Infact the whole book is about it; boys becoming men (and the principles can also be applied to girls becoming women, though I can’t comment much on that, though I hope to at some point).

When everything is tending to the lowest common denominator (our basic instincts, which are the social, security and sexual instincts, more on those another time), it is time for the few to rise, to stand up; for respect, for honour and for the dignity of mankind as a whole. Not as some animal slave to it’s instincts, but as a higher order of being graced with intellect and dignity.


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