A Scout seeks Truth

A Scout is a pathfinder, he seeks a way. His job is to find things, and in finding them he finds truth.

I think that I am reiterating something many people have said, in saying that we live in times when the trend is to give up on objective truth. But a scout can’t live like that.

Imagine, two scouts arrive at camp, and one says to the other “collect some wood for the fire” and some time later the other scout comes back with a pile of stones. The first says to the second, “I said wood, not stones”, the second says “but this is wood”. The second scout would be considered mad. He’d certainly loose the confidence of his fellow.

Wood is wood is wood. So truth is too. A Catholic Scout must be a champion of Truth, to stand up for what is and to resist with all his might what is not.

Evil reigns when good men scouts do nothing.


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