Quo Vadis? Catholic Scouts 101 – part II

Having established that the primary objective in a Catholic Scouts life is obtaining the eternal salvation of his soul, the question then proceeds as to how.

Quadragesimo Anno, the Encyclical of Pope Pius XII, on work notes that if catechetical instruction was not placed first and foremost in a workers union, the union would swiftly fall away from it’s ultimate purpose.

So likewise, the Scouts primary and most important task is that of receiving catechetical instruction, and then passing it on to others wherever the Spirit prompts.

This seems so alien to the modern interpretation of Catholic Scouting, people would ridicule this as being antiquarian, and “boring”, “against the spirit of scouting” which is “to get out there”, “having adventures” and “survival”.

That Christ never even payed a moments thought to the concept of “survival” seems to have past most people by. Instead Christs teachings are seem as “unrealistic” and like the old saying:

it’s not that Christ’s teachings have been tried and found too difficult, it’s that Christ’s teachings have been judged too difficult and left untried.

There is a principle;
Which is a bar against all information,
Which is proof against all argument,
And which can never fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance.

That principle is:

    Contempt prior to investigation

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