How to divorce Catholic Scouting from the non-Christ-like

This is a juicy and difficult topic.

When one considers that the main purpose of the Christian is to configure him/herself to Christ, one realises that a great deal of what modern society says that we should configure ourselves to is false.

There is no institution in the world which is free of the negative and persistent influence of evil. This goes especially for the Church, for Satan will always attack the Church.

This great enemy of mankind will always seek to pervert, to twist to his own ends, all good endeavours, and that which he struggles to twist, he infiltrates with Pride. Scouting is no exception.

In this process of discernment it is important to have a clear understanding of Christ, informed by the teaching of the Church, Tradition and Holy Writ. Then to place that side by side with what we are scrutanzing, in this case Catholic Scouting.

Would Our Blessed Lord raise his fists against another human being?
Could you see Our Divine Redeemer in a military uniform?
Would He wear it with pride?
Would He salute the national flag?
How many of the practices of modern scouting can you realistically reconcile to the Christ that we encounter in the Gospels?

My answer is not much. Not much of the militarised nature of Scouting. On the otherhand, things I could see Christ doing; helping the needy, being of service, being kind and generous, being kindly spoken and well behaved, being virtuous, enjoying nature, enjoying adventure, being moderate, but always placing the Kingdom of God first above all. That I can see.

Now regarding patriotism, don’t jump to conclusions that, by this process, I am advocating pure anarchy. Nations have been set up for good or for bad, but it is very important to remember that Nations are not the object of Salvation, human souls are.

So this this the first process, to identify the discrepancy. Once the discrepancy has been identified only then can it be discarded. And discarded it must be.


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