Simple explanation of Catholic Doctrine 5

Part Five

Jesus Our Only Mediator Of Redemption

Catholics believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is alone the great Centre of the Christian Religion, the Fountain of all grace, virtue, and merit, as in the natural world, if the comparison may be allowed) the sun is the centre and enlivening created source of light, heat, and growth.

This grand truth they believe to be the vital, essential part of Christianity, ‘For other foundation no man can lay but that which is laid; which CHRIST JESUS’. (1 Corinthians iii. 11).

They hold that to be united to JESUS CHRIST is the highest and noblest aim of man, and that only the Holy Catholic Church supplies the means for the closest union with JESUS CHRIST; and they are convinced that the yearning to possess this closer communion with Christ has, by Divine attraction, drawn thousands of earnest minds to seek in the Catholic Church this the highest happiness to be enjoyed on earth.

They believe that Jesus Christ is our Redeemer, because He has redeemed us from the bondage of Satan, with the ransom of His most Precious Blood; that He alone is our Saviour because He saves us from the stain, the guilty, and the curse of sin; that He is our only Mediator of Redemption and Salvation, because He alone, by His own merits, has efficiently interposed between God and man, to obtain the full pardon of our sins through the sacrifice of Himself: ‘There is one God, and one mediator of God and men, the man Christ JESUS; Who gave himself a redemption for all’. (1 St. Timothy ii. 5, 6). ‘Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved’. (Acts iv. 12).

They believe that Jesus died on the Cross to purchase mercy, grace, and salvation for all men-‘Who will have all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth’. (1 St. Timothy ii. 4). And that since Adam’s fall, mercy, grace, and salvation can be obtained by man only through the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ.

Believing that Jesus Christ is truly God, they hold that the homage of supreme adoration is due to Him, the God-man, as well as to God the Father, and to God the Holy Spirit.

Simple explanation of catholic doctrine

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