Is Gospel Nonviolence communism? Q&As on Gospel Nonviolence 2

Isn’t Gospel Nonviolence just communism in disguise? The question goes something like this:

“The non-violence movement was at it’s peak in Capitalist countries when Communism was at it’s height. It is suspicious that the non-violence demonstrations died off almost immediately when Communism collapsed. Isn’t Gospel Non-Violence just a front for Communism?”

CatholicScout’s response: No. I get this one a lot. Jesus was not a communist. Loving as Jesus loved is not a front for communism. Communism is condemned. All Catholics collaborating in communist organizations are excommunicated.

Fr.ECM‘s response: Gospel Nonviolence is not communism, because communism is the redistribution of the wealth by violence, even lethal violence. Communism like capitalism is a philosophy of the distribution of labour, goods and services that intrinsically requires violence. Christianity is using what wealth you have to freely act as Jesus would with that wealth in the face of a humanity writhing in relievable pain.

CatholicScout: There have been accusations that the Pacifist movement was infiltrated by communism. The accusation sounds plausible, but without solid proof, it will have to remain in the realm of conspiracy theories.


Gospel Nonviolence is pacifist liberalism? – Q&As on Gospel Nonviolence 1

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