CatholicScout Comments: Divide and Conquer

Continuing the theme of my last post commenting on the truth spoken by J R R Tolkien through the lips of Haldir in the book, the Fellowship of the Ring:

“In nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.”

I introduced the importance for a Catholic Scout (and Catholics as a whole), to understand the Principles of War.

J R R Tolkien states something vitally important about the enemy. Divide et impera, divide and conquer. The Church Militant is constantly, and will constantly be attacked by divisive tactics. Why? Well, apart from the fact that Diabolos comes from the Greek verb “to divide”, because as military doctrine points out, it is both highly efficient and effective.

There are three important tactics in divide et impera;

  • the effort to defeat an enemy by destroying small portions of its armies instead of engaging its entire strength (defeat in detail)
  • the effort to prevent smaller power groups from linking up (interdiction)
  • the effort to cause infighting (subversion)

The most valuable of these tactics is the last. Subversion. There is a minimal “cost” to the aggressor, and very high “cost” to the defender. In researching this article I came across a very interesting (if not now quite antiquated) article on RAND on Countering Covert Aggression, which a Catholic should be able to “translate” using their imagination. I understand subversion, and I see the effects of subversion on the Church.

The question is just how does one counter subversion in the Church?
The RAND article offers some insightful conclusions, it proposes

  • direct action against the sources of covert aggression
  • a more professional military
  • wider education of the danger of subversion
  • wider intelligence activities

Interesting. But these throw up some interesting questions;

What are the sources of covert aggression?  We all know who the Dark Lord is, we all know that the source of covert aggression starts with the Legions of Hell. But what are their agents upon earth? Well, there is no easy answer to that, anyone who loves sin is an agent. But there are organisations that are intent upon destroying the Church [epic fail – they just don’t get it do they], such as Freemasons, Communists, Satanists, militant homogenos erotomaniacs (and their sympathisers), militant pro-death lobbyists, Mohammedans, Idolators, Heretics, Schismatics and the likes.

Now you might say “that is a bit rich”, but before I get burned at the stake, let me point out; anyone who loves sin is an agent of the Legions of Hell.

What constitutes “direct action”? NOT VIOLENCE AND ENMITY!!! Direct action consists of taking Christ-like actions towards the source. Not concealing the Truth, but correcting error. And dying for it if necessary.

What does “a more professional military” mean in terms of the Church? Well, this could be on all levels. We all are Church Militant, so more professionalism across the board, better catechetical formation, regimentation, drilling and exercise. Better weapons training: Prayer, Alms and Fasting, Rhetoric training, Apologetics training, growth in personal holiness. Better defensive training: Sacramentals, life of prayer, frequentation of Sacraments.
But in addition to this, it calls for more professional Officers Training (meaning Priests). The Church could also be seen in terms of an army. Your laity are privates, you’ll have some NCO’s in there too. Your Commissioned Officers are Priests, Bishops and the Pope (men only, sorry ladies). They need to understand that there is a war going on, and that they are Officers called to lead, not to worldly arms, but to spiritual ones. For worldly arms, violence and enmity were completely rejected by Christ.


CatholicScout Comments: Haldir Quote


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