From RORATE CÆLI: New comprehensive interview by SSPX Superior-General

New interview granted by the Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), Swiss bishop Bernard Fellay, to the organization’s own news agency, DICI.


The arrival of a new pope

The arrival of a new pope can be rather like resetting our odometers to zero.  Especially with a pope who distinguishes himself from his predecessors by his way of acting, speaking, and intervening and makes quite a contrast.  This can cause people to forget the preceding pontificate, and that is what has happened somewhat.  At least at the level of certain conservative or reforming lines marked out by Pope Benedict XVI.  It is certain that the first interventions of the pope have caused a lot of haziness and even almost a contradiction, at any rate a contrast in relation to those reforming lines. [see Rorate link below for full text]

via RORATE CÆLI: New comprehensive interview by SSPX Superior-General: “I didn’t mean to say Pope is a Modernist in theology, but in action”..

Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX

Catholic Scout Comments:

I am always impressed whenever Bishop Fellay (Superior General of the Priestly Society of Pope Saint Pius X) speaks. Immediately I have the interior “snap to attention” and appreciation that “here, finally, is a Bishop, acting and speaking in the person of a Bishop, no mincing of words, no nicey-nicey. A real shepherd of his flock, not some hireling.” And how I wish that was the case with the English Bishops (although there are good signals being put out by the Bishop of Portsmouth and the Bishop of Shrewsbury).

I read through the interview, and was not shocked, nor surprised by anything which Bishop Fellay said. I found that there was nothing that I disagreed with. I think his insights into the situation is realistic, objective and true.

I was a little surprised when he mentioned La Salette and then left it a little hanging, which in today’s atmosphere is not good, as it is open to interpretation. I doubt it will be long before that somebody says “Bishop Fellay says that Pope Francis is an Antichrist” – which is not true, no where did Bishop Fellay say that. The problem is that he left the subject hanging, which is not great.

There is a further problem to the issue. If the See of Peter is occupied by an Antichrist, is the See of Peter vacant? Which brings us back to Sedevacantism? – not a great idea. Please note that I say “an Antichrist” not “THE Antichrist”. There have been many Antichrists, well noted by the Church. But as to THE Antichrist which St Paul talks about (2 Thess. 2:3) and to counter which Pope Saint Leo XIII composed the long form St Michael prayer, well ours is not to judge, for we “know not the day nor the hour” (Mt25:13).

Bishop Fellay backtracks upon his former statement that Pope Francis is a “a genuine Modernist” which he made at the end of a very sobering sermon. In his new interview Bishop Fellay clarifies that Pope Francis is a “Modernist in action“, that “he is not a modernist in the absolute, theoretical sense: a man who develops a whole coherent system” – Which of course is absolutely true.

However, I think that Bishop Fellay’s backtracking is a shame. Sure, Pope Francis has not developed a “whole coherent system“. But if there is evidence of the Pope holding or speaking Modernist Theology, then that should be denounced (in Faith and Charity as Bishop Fellay very eloquently goes on to talk about), without pulling blows. I’m sure that there are people out there compiling a vast list of evidence to point that Pope Francis’ Theology is not altogether orthodox…

Suffice to say Bishop Fellay’s conclusion is spot-on. However I would take it a step further, yes the Mass is absolutely pivotal, however what the Church and us individual members of the Church need is Grace. We need to clean our acts up, so that we make ourselves disposable for Grace, and then God’s work will be done. See my ongoing series on this theme – We need Grace!.


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