Special post – 100th Article

Well, WordPress has informed me that this is my 100th article! Goodness, it doesn’t feel like it! What a lot of hot gas I must have let off in the process.

Ecce homo by Antonio Ciseri

Ecce homo by Antonio Ciseri – thank you wikimedia.org

I have been very busy, juggling too many balls, bound to let one fall. Here is a scout lesson: Keep it simple. Don’t juggle too many balls.

Some projects (read: can of worms) that I have on the back-burner for publishing on this blog, are;

  • A better response to Political Liberalism; Conservatism? No, a Catholic Constitutional Meritocracy!
    – I have been thinking some time about publishing my thoughts regarding politics. Having read a little Plato, Aristotle, Thomas More and a few philosophers and Popes, who talk about this subject, I thought I would present my juvenile thoughts.
  • The Game – Catholic Style AKA The Cull
    – Another topic that has been playing on my mind is, from a Catholic point of view, criticising fiction about the future. Here I am interested in refuting hard science fiction. I’m not talking about refuting Star Wars (though I will deal with the fantastical idea of psychic powers), I’m talking about refuting notions such as sapient artificial intelligence or sapient aliens.

If there are any other subjects that you would like me to ponder, just use the comments box below!


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