Guest Article: A Lenten Examination of Conscience 8

Putting on the Mind of Christ

The destruction of the mind, the psyche, the emotions, the heart of children, that is destruction by sexual means, sometimes called by the more generalized term, child abuse, is only one means to destroy the mind, psyche, emotions and heart of a child. Drenching children’s minds in glory-filled, noble, heroic, honorable, self righteous, “holy” violence—through the churches, the schools, the media, the electronic and physical toys and games given to them, the incessant beat of military propaganda to which they are permitted to be exposed—is another and equally insidiously destructive means of child abuse. It is a form of child abuse whose long term, savage consequences fill the graveyard, mental institution, prisons, hospitals and alleys in numbers that far exceed the numbers of victims of sexual child abuse. It is the radical opposite of “putting on the mind of Christ.” And, the behavior it brings forth is behavior that is radically opposed to the behavior that Jesus insist His followers exhibit.


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