About the blog

Catholicscout.wordpress.com is would seem pretty self-explanatory. However, the blog covers a very wide area (as scouts do). With commentary ranging from, but not limited to;

  • Traditional Catholicism
  • Current Catholic Church news
  • Gospel Non Violence
  • Just War Theory
  • Homeschooling
  • Education
  • Boy Scouting
  • Virtues and honour

I hope that the blog serves as a forum, to provoke thought on these issues, to initiate discussion and wider awareness.

Most of all it is an out-reach to other young men and women who feel a call to adventure, be that through scouting, Catholicism or whatever.

About Me

I am a young, lay Catholic English modern country gentleman.
I don’t wear tweeds, nor do I smoke a pipe.
I exclusively attend the Traditional Roman Rite.
I have never had the need to attend an SSPX Mass in my life.
I am also passionate about Lord Baden Powells Boy Scouting, and Rovering to Success.
I prefer J R R Tolkien to G K Chesterton or Evelyn Waugh.
My opinion of C S Lewis is the same as J R R Tolkien’s opinion of him.
I am grateful for John Henry Newman, but don’t think that the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is something Cardinal Newman would have condoned.
My favourite Saint is Our Blessed Lady, then Saint Joseph, then St John the Baptist.
My favourite English Saint is St Thomas More.
My spirituality is Marian (St Louis de Montfort).
My favourite book is the New Testament (Douai Rheims).
I love scouting around.
I love Creation. The great outdoors is fantastic!

“One who goes before, as into the wilderness, preparing the way for others to follow”

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