Forty day fast for the Truth of Gospel Nonviolence 2015 – Day 4

By Fr Emmanuel Mccarthy

Fast Food (2015): Fourth Helping

Despite Jesus’ rejection of Mars, the war-god is not at a loss. He hides for a while, skillfully puts on an attractive disguise, and penetrates into the Church of Christ. Christians go on chanting their Savior’s praises and victory, without realizing that their hearts have already been delivered up to the domination of seemingly omnipotent Mars. They sincerely love Christ, but in their churches and cathedrals stand the names of those who have given their lives and killed for the country. They glorify Christ, but are flattered when their Churches are adorned with ex-military men’s flags and military trappings. They preach Christ, but exalt the greatness of their country and the nobility of its heroic military. They teach love of one’s neighbor, but enjoin military service. They say you cannot serve God and Mammon, but they themselves serve God and Mars. Mars laughs quietly, sure of his triumph—for which Mammon too will be grateful and emerge with large profits. Mars knows he can rely on Christians’ obedience to him and he despises the puny sovereignty of Christ, knowing that Christ’s so-called disciples have already bowed the knee before him, Mars.

Mars mesmerizes people, Christians and non-Christians, bringing them to lose themselves in his power of violence, where they will remain for a lifetime in more or less willing bondage. Mars is a deity with a wide appeal among human beings and among the other pagan gods, their spirits and their servants. Bacchus and Venus, Moloch** and Mammon all benefit from his work. Again, Mammon is especially supportive of Mars. All the war-profiteers, from armament manufacturers to looters of corpses, from mercenary militaries to scavenger bankers, are secretly glad of the  business brought to them by Mars. But with every fiber of His being and every ounce of life He possesses, Jesus resolutely says, “No,” to Mars.

-Jean Lasserre 

 ** Moloch is the god of child sacrifice. 

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