Forty day fast for the Truth of Gospel Nonviolence 2015 – Day 7

By Fr Emmanuel Mccarthy

Fast Food (2015): Seventh Helping

“For Saint Paul holiness—indeed life itself—is identification with Christ, which is not mere imitation of Jesus or acceptance of His teachings. Let Paul writing to the Philippians (2:1-11) say what this meant to him: you must think like Christ.

Think like Christ, what will that do to our world of values which we have built up from habit and conviction in our years since childhood? Think like Christ and how much that we adore would we have to burn? One must think like Jesus to see how he is to become present in any activity in which he is engaged. Both Gospels and Epistles insist that thinking like Jesus is a personal responsibility which each must fulfill for himself or herself. Unless the Christian makes the effort to put on the mind of Christ precisely in his life at this time and place, he is not a Christian in what he is doing.  Paul invited Christians to make the mind of Christ real and effective in the management of their lives as a mother in a family, as a physician, as a merchant as a salesperson, as a mechanic, as a factory worker. Are there not ways of life and professions in which it is impossible to put on the mind of Christ? It has often been thought so.”

Rev. John L. McKenzie, Catholic Biblical Scholar

Jesus, you have the words of eternal life.

Replace my thoughts with your thoughts.

I want my thinking to correspond with your teaching;

I want to make decisions according to your standards.

You are the Truth given to me by the Father.

Let my mind be your mind.

Live in my mind, Jesus!

Venerable James Alberione, SSP 

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