A Scout Serves

The Boy Scout is always prepared to be of service to his neighbour and his nation. Such an epithet could easily be translated. The Catholic is always prepared to be of service to his neighbour and his Heavenly Kingdom.

When pondering the concept of service, I always wonder why it is so uncomfortable, why is it so difficult and almost against our nature to do. In this line of thought I come face to face with the mystery of Evil and Death, the two irrationalities, that no reasoning can find answer to.

To be of service IS now against our nature, our fallen nature. But there was One Who came Whose mission was to conquer evil and death. It is Our Blessed Lord Who by His Grace makes the “burden” of service “light”.

There is nothing lacking on God’s side, rather there is so many obstructions to His grace on our side. Here comes the true role of a scout. A scout prepares the way for those to come. He clears the route. So likewise a Scout needs to clear the interior routes, so Divine Grace can flow freely and abundantly, bearing fruit, the facility in being of service.

An astute Scout will use all the tools available, and the best ones at that; the Sacraments. With the rivers of grace flowing, freed from the obstructions of the past and deepened by frequent Holy Communion, he will find it easy to be of service.

And of course the first place for that service, will naturally be where gratitude is to be directed. What infinite gratitude we need to feel, as Scouts, towards those men who provide us our Tools. The natural first place of service should be to God, by serving His Church and His Priests.

For the Scout there is no greater service than to be of service at the Altar of God. From there we can flow out to the rest of humanity, it’s about priorities. 1. Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength. 2. And love your neighbour as yourself.

The Pattern and Guide of that Love is Our Blessed Lord Himself. Love one another as I have loved you.

God bless.