A Scout Serves II

The Scout serves, he serves his fellows. His job is to make clear the path. He scouts ahead, finding the best route, discovering dangers, so that others may avoid them. Because scouts are vanguards – they go ahead of the main body – their life is often fraught with danger, and sometimes there are casualties.

But there is also another type of service. The scout is in the service of someone or something. Military scouts are in the service of their countries, as are boy scouts. But the Catholic Scout is in the service of something else, or more precisely someOne else. The Catholic Scout is in the service of God. His life is to be God-centred. His honour, his being, finds it’s source in God. The more the scout is God-centred the more the scout fulfils himself, his role, and his goals.

A scouts goal, is to be totally God-centred, in His service, serving Him perfectly, diligently and swiftly.